Les Maïnatges de Montréal
The oldest group in Aude region
Signatory of the Quality Convention signatory from the national federations' community
Member of national federation "Fédération Amicale Folklorique Nationale" (FAFN)
I.O.V member
(International Organisation of Folk Art)

International Organization of Folk Art

You will find all the pictures of the festival by clicking on the photo here below !

2019 Official Ceremony

A souvenir of the groups during the official ceremony of the festival.

Curious to discover our group ?
Do you want to join the group ? Rehearsals take place every Friday at 09:00pm (Salle des fêtes in Montréal).
If you want more information, feel free to contact us (below).

Payse de France 2017
Aurélie won the third place of the election of "Payse de France 2017", on the 28th of January, doing a presentation of the Blanquette de Limoux

Congratulations ! She will represent French folklore and traditions all of this year.
Saint Maximin Festival
After our festival, it's time for Les Maïnatges to participate to an other festival

Take your agendas : 17th and 18th of August in Saint Maximin, near Aix en Provence, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the group who welcomes us

We will be there with the Alen, group from Provence, who organizes the festival and the Escloupeto from Rodez.

Seat belts fasten, take off to the French Guyana
Click on the picture to know in details our travel to French Guyana.

40th Anniversary of the group
Relive our 40th anniversary clicking on the picture below !
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Mairie de Montréal

Conseil Général de l'Aude